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Mini FAQ

Z80Stealth is the Speccy 128,Pentagon 128/512/1024,Scorpion ZS 256, Profi 1024, KAY 1024 emulator for Windows.
Main goal is to emulate Speccy's hardware as close as possible.
Main features: very good z80 emulation, _perfect_ AY-3-8910(12)/YM2149F and General Sound emulation, beeper, Covox, SounDrive emulation.
KP1818VG93 (Betadisk/TRDOS) emulation, menus to load/save/browse your collection of Speccy's snaps,tapes,disks.
Emulation of such hardware as Cache,GIGASCREEN,Flash-color,16col,CMOS etc
It supports popular file formats:
Snapshots - Z80 (+ Z80Stealth's enhanced version), SNA,SLT,SP,PRG,ACH,SIT
TR-DOS Disk format supported: TRD, SCL (both are with auto-boot feature!)
ZIP archives for TR-DOS disks

File: open save snapshots, disk images, save screenshots
Options: choose zx model, autoboot trdos on/off
Video: change video options - size, palette, scanlines, opengl mode
Sound: change sound options - frequency, music chip type/stereo mode, turn on/off sound devices (Covox,Sound Drive)
Input: configure emulation of zx joysticks, kempston mouse
Load Disk: opens trdos disk images file browser, selected image is loaded in drive a:
Cheats: well... it opens window with cheat list)
Help: help/about

Keys brief explanation:
F1 - Load/Save snapshots menu
F2 - PSG file create/close menu
F3 - Load/Save disk images
F9 - Max Speed On/Off
F10 - Exit
F12 - Reset
Delete - Debugger
End - Debugger for General Sound board
PageUp - Built-in boot for TRDOS

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